5 fashion trends that we need to retire in 2016

First we need to clarify: not everything in this list is “bad.” Even there are some trends that are...
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Add a few centimeters to your height

The height is one of the things that bother most of the women worldwide, and the thing is we can not change it,...
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The modern mini skirts for the season autumn – winter

A wonderful opportunity to show not only your feminine thighs and well shaped legs as well as your knowledge of...
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Fashion tips for the summer

Every year we expect the sun eagerly, but with it comes the inevitable dilemma of what to wear at work. We want...
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The large jewels are a total hit

Everybody knows that jewels are the best friends of women. With just one good piece of jewelry can be refreshed...
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The tricks that will save your prom from failure

There is a way to avoid some of the misunderstandings accompanying the prom preparation as long as you follow...
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The modern colors for season spring-summer

We no longer have the patience the winter to go away and with it those gray, boring and cold days. We are eagerly...
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The 10 rules for the perfect appearance that every woman should know

The attractive appearance is not due to neither the makeup nor our hairstyle. It is a complex of our health condition,...
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