For perfect eyebrows

Image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

In order to form your eyebrows perfectly is required more experience and precision. Even the smallest mistake can cause ugly consequences. We all have made bloopers when shaping our eyebrows and then we regret them, but there is nothing else to do except for wait for them to grow again.

In this article I will give you some guidelines on how to shape your eyebrows easily and in the right way.


• When you pluck your eyebrows, always pull in the direction of the hair growth by dragging the skin with your hand.


• If your eyebrows are not thick enough for the shape you want, comb them down with a suitable brush. You will see better the gaps. Fill in the gaps with a pencil and brush up the eyebrows.


• Ensure the color of the eyebrow pencil to be one shade darker than your hair. If you use a too dark pencil, your eyebrows will be incompatible with your hair and look unnatural. This way you will get an artificial and unattractive appearance.


• You can use mascara. Thus your eyebrows will look more solid and tidy.


• The inner corner of the eyebrows should be located on the same vertical line with the inner corner of the eye. The external corner must not be downwards from the inner.


• If you have low forehead, remove the excess hair the upper side of the eyebrows.


• If you have a round face, your eyebrows should be slightly bent, but not too sharp. Avoid the straight eyebrows because this will highlight your spherical shape.


• If you have a triangular face, also make slightly curved eyebrows.


• If you have a square face shape, for you are suitable thick eyebrows or a sharp curve at the upper part.


• If you have a long face, choose the straight form of the eyebrows. This will “shorten” your face.


• If you have an oval face you can choose a shape of the eyebrows as desired.



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