How to select a lipstick according to our hair color

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To build the perfect vision


The lipstick is an important part of the appearance of every lady.

It can raise your self-esteem, make you feel more confident and beautiful.

The market offers an incredible variety of brands, consistence, colors, effects and nuances.


Long times there are no rules and restrictions in the choice of lipstick, except that it is better to be consistent with the rest of the makeup.

Yet there are a few tips that may help you help when you are hesitant what color to choose for your lips.


It is safest to comply with the color of your hair.



Orange and reddish hues lipsticks fit great on redheaded ladies. They can choose the color according to the degree of tinting of the hair – is it light ginger, fiery red or dark mahogany.



For them are suitable all shades of pink. This is a timeless classic that will always work for you. In everyday life you can choose light and soft pink shades, various glosses and lighter as texture lipsticks, not to “outweigh” the whole appearance and seem like you have overdone with the makeup.



For them suitable are all earthy and warm tones. They can try beige and brown passing through the red range of lipstick and will not be mistaken.



The black hair sharpens the facial features, so the makeup should be chosen carefully. The good thing is that from the colors of lipstick almost anything suits. The more saturated colors are preferable in order to not have the color accent only on the dark hair.


Gray hair

More and more women leave their hair turn gray freely and do not counteract the changes with hair dyes. If your hair is completely gray and whitened, then you could easily bet on a lipstick in rose color or warm beige shades. Do not put too strong lipstick during the day so that your features not to look too sharp.


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