The modern colors for season spring-summer

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We no longer have the patience the winter to go away and with it those gray, boring and cold days. We are eagerly counting down the months in anticipation of the spring-summer season, when everything is awakening from the long hibernation and enjoying the eye with its variety of beautiful colors. The spring fashion collections, albeit still in small quantities, but are already a fact in the stores, so we decided to get ready. Although it is not likely the weather to get warm soon, that does not stop us from planning the purchases to do for the spring-summer season.


To help you I have prepared a material for the colors that will be in fashion this year and we will meet most frequently this season.


Lemon yellow

Although it is difficult to combine, and when combined with the wrong colors is tiring to the eye, lemon yellow is the color that we will meet very often this season.


Sapphire green

This year we will be satisfied of each tone of green. Took its name from the legendary color of the sapphire, this shade of green is suitable and elegant for evening dresses.


Cobalt blue

The color that captures once again the hearts and the wardrobe of the ladies. One of my favorite colors.


Peachy orange

This gentle color that is neither neon nor pastel will warm our days this season.


Bodily tones

The color that creates the illusion that you have nothing on yourself will be hit for the warm season. Do not be afraid to dress from head to toe in that color. In the summer the combination of it with white, will give you extra chic.


Fiery red

The summer will please the admirers of this bright fashionable color. Because by itself it is a dominant color, combine it with more simple colors.


Pastel blue

Good news for those who are tired of the neon colors from last year! This season you will meet frequently with your loved pastel colors. Among them is the pastel color of the blue, which is one of the color trends.



They say that the shades of purple evoke positive emotions. This means that this spring and summer will bring you many pleasant moments…


I already chose a few colors, how about you?


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