The tricks that will save your prom from failure

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There is a way to avoid some of the misunderstandings accompanying the prom preparation as long as you follow a few rules.

Add a smile and confidence in large doses and we guarantee that you will not only feel like queens, but also the others will see you that way.


Be careful with the foundation

If you do your makeup yourself, very carefully choose the foundation that you will use. Most important is that it blends with your skin tone and there is no difference. Do not forget the basic rule of all makeup artists. Namely, that “less is more”.

It is much better to apply several thin coats of the toning product than one thick and dense. This will get you the necessary coverage gradually and you will enjoy a natural look throughout the evening.


Do your makeup in day light

The prom night requires a strong evening makeup, in this matter there are not two opinions. However, there is a significant difference and at the same time a thin line between evening and heavy makeup. And the second one often seems grotesquely. To avoid the appearance as for a circus arena, do your makeup in daylight, best using a mirror located in front of a window. Here again apply the maxim that “less is more”. Apply the layers gradually instead of “anointing yourselves”.


Save yourself the visit to the cosmetologist

If you have not visited the cosmetologist for facial cleansing, better don’t. Not before the prom. The reason lies in the fact that often after such procedures the skin is irritated and inflammations may occur. If you have to clear any blackheads, use a homemade mask or special strips that unclog the pores.


Be careful with the hair removal

The above rule applies to a large extent and for the removing of the unnecessary hair. If you reach for the epilator or waxing the day before the prom, you risk getting some not so pleasant red dots. If you still have no choice, remember the rule that some time after the procedure you should not wet the treated areas.


Do not wait until the last moment to dye your hair

Especially if you are using a darker shade. Otherwise you risk appearing at the big event with colored scalp. If, however, your dyeing is absolutely necessary, better bet on a soft toning conditioner that will refresh you color without causing damage to your scalp.


Excessively high shoes

The high shoes are very beautiful and elegant, but in any case the same can not be said of women boarded on 12-cantimeters high heels without being able to walk with them. So be realistic, refer to your capabilities and choose the height at which you will feel comfortable and you will not cause comic reactions in the others.



Eat small amounts of food during the day before the prom

Do not go to extremes such as starving or excessive eating of food from nerves and anxiety. In the first case, you risk to feel faint due to low blood pressure or fallen blood sugar level, but also get drunk early in the evening. If you overeat, this will surely bring uncomfortable bloating and a feeling of heaviness. Do not forget to drink plenty of water. It is the best friend of the fresh skin and the biggest nightmare of the dark circles under the eyes.


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