When and why women have begun to polish their nails?

Image: © Igor Stepovik / Fotolia

When, where and why women have begun to paint their nails? Now we will tell you the whole story.


The painting of the nails is part of the manicurist beauty treatments and necessarily comes with the opportunity to leave your nails longer. The long nails, however, are dysfunctional. They interfere with the work with hands and can easily break. However, when the nails exceed certain length, they need a beauty treatment, because by themselves they do not represent a particularly aesthetic achievement. So we move to Ancient China. This is the homeland of the long nails and the polishing. The historical records take us back 3000 years before Christ, but I suggest that we not to go back from the Zhou dynasty around the year 600 BC.


The rulers of this dynasty had the habit to grow longer nails and to paint them in gold and silver. In this way it becomes clear that they are noble for two reasons – they have higher official status and do not have to work with their hands, they are very rich and have gold and silver on their nails. The point is that the long manicure, even if it is gold is very inconvenient.


Therefore, in China for the first time thought of the artificial manicure, which was nothing special, just long cones were placed on the fingertips, painted in different colors. The fashion was introduced by the Ming Dynasty. Maybe you have seen in the performance of traditional Asian dance similar devices on the hands of the dancers. Nevertheless the natural long polished nails have been preferable and the nail polish was made from beeswax, gelatin, protein and dye.


The Chinese fashion conquered the East all the way to Egypt, where the upper class painted their nails red, and the lower did not polish them. The nail polish played a social role and in any case was not only the territory of women. In Europe, the polishing of nails and the imposition of any substances on them dates from quite early, but there are ups and downs. The mass polishing of the female nails, however, is relatively late discovery and is closely connected with the development of the automotive paint. Only the developments in this area allow the discovery of durable and colorful lacquers. And the mass fashion enters from the end of the 20s of XX century, i.e. 100 years ago, parallel with the development of the cinema. It imposes the vision, that the attractive woman has a wonderful manicure.



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