10 mandatory products for a pretty manicure

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The handsome and well-maintained manicure may be a fact and at home. It, however, extends beyond applying quality colored nail polish on your nails. In order to create a perfect vision of your manicure and to shape it at home you will need to have a certain set of required products for cleaning and nourishing.


Here are the 10 most important:


  1. A good nail polish remover

Invest money in a little more expensive nail polish remover without acetone, which is made by a formula that does not damage the nails but nourishes them. There are products of this type, which have a pleasant aroma and are enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


  1. Nail clippers

You may be used to cutting your nails with scissors, but if you have long fingernails it will be more convenient to use nail clippers for this purpose, which will trim the same nicely shaped nails.


  1. A file with 4 surfaces

The nail file is an indispensable tool for the maintenance of the manicure. Today, this device is practical, multifunctional and beautiful. Get a file with 4 surfaces – from the finest to the roughest. It is suitable for shaping both the natural and artificial nails. With it you can not only smooth the edges of your nails, but their plate as giving it shine even without nail polish. Use cardboard files, rather than metal.


  1. Cuticle softener

The softened cuticles are pushed much easier and faster. The softeners are sold in a variety of options, some of them are applied with a brush others are just rubbed in the cuticles and nails. When choosing such a product, you must know that its contents should not have hydroxide as it is harmful.


  1. Gel for the removal of cuticles

After you soften the cuticles, if they are too thick, try to minimize them with a similar product. It can shrink the excess formations and save you the painful cutting.


  1. A tools for pushing back of the cuticles

It is a kind of a spatula, could be with a rubber tip with which to push and clean the already softened cuticles, so you get the perfect cleaned plate of your nails.


  1. A transparent base coat

This is key to maintaining beautiful nails that will not be stained in a yellowish hue, but also the base for the nail polish extends the durability of the colored manicure. So the effort and time is definitely worth it.


  1. Clear top coat

The top coat is laid last, as it not only gives shine to the nails, but also keeps the manicure for longer. There are products of this kind that dry the nail polish faster.


  1. Corrector in the form of a pen for manicure

If you accidentally stain polish on the skin around the nails, this tool will remove the excess polish without violating your manicure. This product will provide you perfectly clean lines.


  1. Hand cream

The well-polished, shaped and varnished nails deserve lovely, soft hands. So do not forget to complete the manicure with the application of a hydrating cream that should be part of your ladies handbag, so you can use it whenever you feel dryness.



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