5 fashion trends that we need to retire in 2016

Image: © antiksu / Fotolia

First we need to clarify: not everything in this list is “bad.” Even there are some trends that are really our favorites, but last year everyone – from celebrities to girls who we met on the streets wore them.

We want to see the people dressed in something else for a change, but for this to happen we must give a break to the trends which we will present today.


  1. Any clothes with laces

Directly put on display plunging necklines? That was in 2013. The preferred way of showing skin in 2015 was a little more complicated – bundles of cloth crossed on bared necklines and side parts of the dresses. These details were found everywhere – even on the leggings and shoes.


  1. Skirt with buttons at the front

2015 was the year of the narrow skirts with buttons at the front. We saw them in suede, leather, denim – whatever the fabric, everybody was mad about this trend which was perhaps too popular for our taste.


  1. Uncontrollable fringes

The dramatic fringes are certainly one of the details with which we will remember 2015 and the stars and fashion bloggers loved them. But nothing is good when it is overdone and if you go to a party where almost all the girls are wearing clothing with fringes, you will certainly know it is time to say “goodbye” to this fashion trend.


  1. Long coats in the warm days

We want to retire this trend not from an aesthetic point of view or because we have had enough seeing it everywhere – there is simply no logic in it. Kim Kardashian made fashionable the wearing of long wool coats in the pleasant weather and many ladies followed that trend. Yes, it looks really impressive, but like the wearing of sunglasses indoors, it makes no sense.


  1. Frong

Frong are bathing suits whose lower part is so cut that it looks like a front thong. 2015 was the year in which the frong made progress from an outfit that you could only see on Miley Cyrus to a really sold item in many stores. We believe that we all need to demonstrate confidence in relation to our body, but the wearing of frong requires a lot of effort if you are not Beyonce, Miley or Chloe Kardashian. And in order not to have to train constantly and permanently reserve an appointment for waxing, can we just say “No!” to this trend?



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