5 things to buy this autumn

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You want to renew your wardrobe for the fall, but do not have a bunch of extra money to spend? Then stop at 5 accents which to fully stir up your wardrobe and make you feel wonderful. They can be successfully combined with other base models and garments which you certainly possess in your wardrobe. In this way you will look different and chic at all times.

Autumn is the time of the comfortable and soft clothes, but that does not mean wearing only sweaters. Dresses with an underlying waist, a blouse with dropped shoulders are only part of your secret weapons. You can see what the fashion experts advise in the following lines.


  1. Checkered shirt

Shirt of black and red plaid is an eternal hit. It can be worn with both black trousers and jeans. Pencil skirt and soft leggings are also an ideal option.


  1. Leggings with leather elements

The leather exudes rebelliousness, but also gives a special sense of femininity. The leggings in black even have the ability to visually make your figure more slender and motivate you to go regularly to the gym.


  1. Long dress with a belt

Cotton dress that falls softly in waves is a great way to feel beautiful and feminine when outside is cooler. The length allows you to choose thick leggings or tights for the colder days. So the dress will serve us not only in the fall, but all winter. A belt around the waist highlights the feminine curves and diversifies your vision.


  1. Hat with a brim

It may seem eccentric and slightly vintage, but the hat with a brim is able to change every outfit. It gives a splendor even to your leather jacket and wonderfully protects the hair from the raindrops.


  1. Blouse with bare shoulders

All summer our shoulders have caught that beautiful golden tan. Dress them in a blouse with dropped shoulders and tight jeans and you do not need no jewelry or accessories. These blouses have the unmatched advantage when we want a garment that is both suitable for the busy day and for a night out with friends at a bar.



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