Add a few centimeters to your height

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The height is one of the things that bother most of the women worldwide, and the thing is we can not change it, no matter how we try. The carrots, vitamins and jumps do not help, and even if they somehow reward our hard work, it will not be more than a centimeter or two. And this is not enough…

These are some helpful, tested and effective tips with which to elongate your body … at least visually.


Pay attention to your hair

More specifically to the haircut you are wearing. If you want to add a few centimeters to your figure, our advice is to tie your hair in a high ponytail. The highly-combed and voluminous hairstyles are not preferable.


Wear dresses

Choose a dress that suits your body. During the summer the dresses are preferable to the shorts if you want to visually lengthen your figure.


The advantages of the high heels

We all know that besides they “raise” us physically, they work to also visually lengthen our legs and make us look more slender.


The right colors and shades

As much as you do not believe, they also play an important role and with their help you can visually correct your height. Choose a darker shirt and lighter trousers from the same color range and you will notice the difference.


The correct posture

Stand, sit and walk upright! Do not hunch, this not only makes you look shorter, but also has a negative impact on your health and psychological condition. It has been proven that the humped people are in most cases with low self-esteem.


The role of the patterns and motifs

We can not deny that is of great importance. If you want to elongate your body, the experts recommend wearing clothes with vertical lines and avoiding those with horizontal stripes and checkered patterns, because they have the opposite effect.


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