Aspirin facial mask for clean and toned skin without acne

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The aspirin facial mask eliminates the acne and noticeably firms the skin.


The aspirin facial mask is an amazing weapon against skin problems. The acne will disappear quickly, thanks to a few pills in combination with other products. The mask is tested by young girls and women who claim that the means is very efficient.


The aspirin affects pretty fast the affected skin areas and heals them in no time. For the magical aspirin facial mask most likely have heard almost all of you. Now is the time to tighten your skin and prevent the future appearance of pimples with just a few simple steps.


Recipe for aspirin facial mask


Take 4 tablets of aspirin and 1/4 teaspoon of salicylic acid powder. Grind the aspirin very well and mix it with the salicylic acid. To the two products is added and a little water. Before you put the mask on your face you have to clean it thoroughly and then apply the mask. Allow it to dry on your skin.


You can spread the mask using a cosmetic sponge or cotton (according to your personal choice). Within 15-20 minutes the mask should be completely dry. Remove the mask with lukewarm water and be careful not to leave any of the products on the skin. Once you have washed your face well, mandatory apply an appropriate hydrating cream. The aspirin dries the skin and it is not good to be exposed to direct sunlight right after the procedure.


Purchase a sunscreen cream in order to protect yourself. If by chance you are allergic to aspirin and feel irritation on your skin, wash immediately with water. Many women reveal that they have felt visible results even after the first or second procedure. Just be careful and in no time you will feel your face twice as tight, smooth and radiant.


The aspirin mask is capable of creating miracles with your skin. The aspirin is very strong and successfully fights the appearance of pimples. Furthermore this mask could save you from future occurrence of acne.


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