Best manicure tips to look younger

Image: © mafffi / Fotolia

The good manicure gives your hands a beautiful and younger look. There is no need to go the beauty salon and spend excessive amounts of money on manicure and pedicure. You can perform a good manicure at home yourself. Ask your family members to help you if you cannot handle all things alone. Do a little research about the manicure process and find useful tips. Following tips is extremely beneficial for those who have little knowledge and experience on how to do manicure.

Tips for beautiful manicure:

– Before you start your manicure wash your hands with an appropriate for your skin type soap and dry them.

– If you have grown too long pointed nails cut them. Try to make the shape of the nails through filing. Filing options also vary depending on the shape you want to make.

– Shape your nails and then file them properly to smooth the edges. Circle, square, v shaped and many other shapes are now used for nail tips.

– Make sure you have not cut nails from the sides. Sides are there to protect the nails. Only cut tips in various shapes.

– Keep your cuticles instead of cutting them. Just push them back and moisturize them properly.

– You can use pencil wrapped in tissue to push back the cuticles if you do not have specific instruments. Always use smooth items to remove or push back the cuticles.

– Nail polish should be applied in three steps and then you can add some colors on the top coat. Various types of nail polishes are available.

– The metallic shiny top covers are very topic and add younger looks to the hands. You can use these or try to do some nail art if you want to grab the attraction and impress other people.

– Use polish removers to clean extra polish outside of the nails and remove smudges.


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