Breaking fingernails – olive oil and lemon can do wonders for your manicure

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Breaking nails are treated with olive oil and lemon


The breaking fingernails are an extremely unpleasant cosmetic problem. Every lady tries to look as well as possible, but with damaged nails you simply can not enjoy a wonderful vision.


We all know that the manicure is very important for all ladies. The beautiful nails made in an incredible way, always attract attention. There is now a solution for all breaking nails on our hands. Get ready to do miracles with your nails thanks to a method tested over the years.


Treatment with lemon and olive oil in the fight against breaking nails


You need to mix lemon juice and cold pressed olive oil. There is absolutely no significance what amounts you will use of the two products. It is only important to be equally divided. With this mixture rub your nails twice a day.


Once the liquid is absorbed well, it would be great to put on cotton gloves and stay with them for a while. 2-3 hours with gloves will keep for longer the liquid of lemon and olive oil on your nails. The effect is quite good.


If you do not have time to stay 2 hours with gloves during the day, do the procedure in the evening or you can even sleep with the gloves on. Thus, after a few times, you will feel the change in the structure of your nails. At least three weeks treat your nails in this way and you will see that the homemade trick really works.


One even easier trick to eliminate the problem of breaking fingernails is the usage of nail polish properly. Whatever nail polish you use, do not change it too often. Avoid the daily polishing because it can further harm your nails. Try to polish your nails once, at the most twice a week.


You can also take a nutritional supplement for nourishment and faster growth of the nails. It contains useful vitamins and minerals that work extremely well on the nails.


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