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Introducing a dress code is not a purpose. There is a reason certain standards to exist according to which to combine elements of your clothing when you are in a business environment. And while in the world of fashion everything is allowed, in the business world there are rules we should follow. No excuses, ladies!

At everybody’s attention who for the first time will encounter the conditions for good taste in business environment we offer our advices:

Which is the most appropriate fabric?

We are firm – always choose natural fabrics. Very important when making a business wardrobe is to rely on non-wrinkly fabrics. Imagine how unpleasant would be your elegant style to have wrinkles? Be especially careful for stains, dust and hairs on your clothes – they are unacceptable not only in business wear.

My business color?

The etiquette regards more condescendingly the contemporary business woman when it comes to requirements to the suit’s color – the shades for the ladies models are very diverse as oppose to those with men which is limited to a scarce choice between gray, blue and black. Of course, to very formal events we abide by them as well. In case in the everyday business atmosphere we are in the mood for colorful experiments, we can rely on the red, green, even yellow color as long as they are not too bright. For a powerful expression use ecru and earth shades, resulting from brown.

Pants, skirt or dress?

If you are a fan of the pants you should keep in mind that the business etiquette imposes ankle-length. Rim is not compulsory but the model should be classic.

There is a “golden rule” for skirts and dresses – the length shouldn’t be 5 cm shorter than the knee. We can allow ourselves to wear asymmetric cuts but if we want to make a really good impression the “pencil” model is most appropriate. For more freedom when walking rely on a cut on the back side which shouldn’t be longer than 10 cm.

What about the blouse?

The classical choice undoubtedly is the shirt! Always comfortable, always appropriate, no matter whether in warm shades or formal white color. In case we want to diversify we can try a combination of silk tops or clear sweaters. One important thing – they should have a simple cut and discrete shades.

What about the top?

We prefer classical models of coats and trenches. The color and texture of the top should be selected as to when we take the top off, the compliance with the color and style of the clothes beneath to be kept.

For shoes with love

Our best choice would be leather shoes. The classical “boat” style, black color and discrete heels are great. We disappoint the lovers of decorations of all kind – ribbons, metal pins and shiny elements – they are absolute impermissible. Ladies who like higher heels should wear no more than 7 cm heels.

Accessories = class?

Dose makes the poison! Here what we may choose of but not more than 3 accessories: necklace – not very large and not with long strap, pin – preferably from natural materials (pearl, ivory, silver), rings – one or two, can be with stones but not too voluminous; earrings – no way hanging and colorful.

Our expression – our best friend!

We know that to have a completed appearance most important are the final touches we place.

The length of the hair is not lower than the shoulders – volume is always reasonable. In case we have a very long hair, make a bun, braid it or make a ponytail.

Makeup in business world is not compulsory but it’s not forbidden. Few are the things every lady should be careful with. The used cosmetic products should not be very noticeable – too bright lipstick, too highlighted eyelashes, very dark color of the base.

A very important condition for good impression is the hands of the business lady to be spotless. Nail polish is not compulsory but still if you prefer it, limit your selection to natural shades.

Let our perfume be discrete – scented lightly only when close.

And now something we shouldn’t take off even in the business world! Smile! Yes, here is our strong card. It’s the one that will lead us through the strictness of standards in order to charge our style with individuality.



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