Caring for acrylic nails

Image: © cronopio / Fotolia

For nails rising with acrylic are often highlighted a number of pros but also cons, as the fact that acid is used, that the monomer (the liquid which is used to thicken the acrylic powder) has an acute and strong odor and that the acrylic dries the nail plate.


Acrylic – polymethylmethacrylate is a representative of the polyacrylates.

Acrylic is widely used in the industry, medicine (dentistry), cosmetology (nails rising) and others.


You have to take care of the nails with acrylic regularly.


First things first: Treat your acrylic nails as you would treat your real nails. Listen to valuable advice on nails and use of products to maintain their integrity over time. Of course, if you usually bite your nails, you can forget about that, because acrylic nails are very hard and very difficult to chew. This makes acrylic nails a great solution for chronic chewing of the nails.


Next, every two weeks, you will need to return to the salon to “repair” your nails. Neglecting this may lead to a complete destruction or cracks. Worse can happen if water gets in the acrylic nails – could be formed fungi into the warm environment between the acrylic and the natural nail.


This is another reason to avoid the acrylic nails rising at home, especially if you are new to this process. Nothing can take the place of the expert – professional at the beauty salon.


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