Choose your manicure according to the astrological sign. Part One

Image: © Ahileos / Fotolia

Although most people think that the zodiac signs are not relevant to a person’s life, the truth is quite different. More or less they influence our destiny. There are many articles related to the astrological signs and the things that we should do according to under the influence of what sign we were born. It turns out that in the manicure is relevant whether we are Aries, Taurus, Leo or any other. If you are unsure what to be the shape of your nails and in which color to paint them, read the article and make the right choice according to your astrological sign:


Aries – the representatives of this sign are enjoying healthy nails and well shaped nail plates. For them, are extremely appropriate the warm colors as well as the fiery red. The average length of the nail suits them best.


Taurus – the woman Taurus prefers a manicure that looks good and at the same time does not require who knows what maintenance. We would recommend her to make gel manicure that lasts longer and does not spoil easily. Regarding the colors – the bright ones do not fit representatives of this zodiac sign. It is better to bet on green, purple and pink.


Gemini – the representatives of this sign definitely love to experiment with their looks and are influenced greatly by the fashion trends. All sorts of colors and decorations suit them, so they can safely experiment.


Cancer – the women Cancer are romantic individuals who care a lot for their appearance. They are gentle by nature and therefore and their manicure should be such. The pink shades as well as silver and white are best for them. The representative of this sign love to be pampered when going to the manicure salon.


Leo – for the lionesses is the classic manicure. If they want to look good and their hands to attract the attention of others, they should be polished in warm colors. The golden suits them very well.


Virgo – the representatives of this sign prefer the French manicure with gel nail polish, because it is the easiest to maintain. Regarding the colors, it is better to choose something from the beige range.



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