Choose your manicure according to the astrological sign. Part Two

Image: © Zoja / Fotolia

Although most people think that the zodiac signs are not relevant to a person’s life, the truth is quite different. More or less they influence our destiny. There are many articles related to the astrological signs and the things that we should do according to under the influence of what sign we were born. It turns out that in the manicure is relevant whether we are Aries, Taurus, Leo or any other. If you are unsure what to be the shape of your nails and in which color to paint them, read the article and make the right choice according to your astrological sign:


Libra – the representatives of this sign love to take care of their appearance. They definitely have a very fine sense of fashion, balance and aesthetics. For them are suitable as the very short nails short as well as the longer. The form must be natural. It is better to bet on the pastel colors and avoid the bright ones. Very well suits them the French manicure.


Scorpio – for the scorpions the manicure is very important. They love to use black and dark brown nail polish and to make decorations inspired by ancient Egypt or the Far East. The Scorpio woman has healthy nails and can shape them as she wishes.


Sagittarius – the representatives of this sign prefer manicure that looks good and at the same time is easy to maintain. Sagittarians are sport lovers and have little time for their manicure. They therefore rely on short and well-shaped nails. To them suit simple colors and French manicure. If they want a decoration, it should be only on one finger of one hand.


Capricorn – Capricorns love to show their power and knowledge. Therefore, for the representatives of this sign are not suitable the romantic colors. For them are more appropriate the well shaped, short nails. Regarding the colors, it is better to bet on the dark ones or on the neutral like beige.


Aquarius – the representatives of this sign often like to change their manicure. One time their nails are short and sometimes they appear with long manicure. To them very much suit the metallic hues, bright colors and fun decorative elements.


Pisces – they love to care for their nails. For them are suitable any sizes of the nails and concerning the colors – all shades of blue suit them perfectly. Still they are fish!


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