Disasters when choosing an outfit

Image: © furmananna / Fotolia

REMEMBER: Please, never do it!

Number 1
White blouse and white bra
Many women think this way the bra will not be visible, but no. White bras are more visible than the nude colored ones which are appropriate for this case.

Number 2
Scraped nail polish
It is the most evident fact proving that a lady doesn’t care about her appearance. It’s a repelling sight.

Number 3
Clothes that don’t fit
You want to be slimmer and buy tight clothes, this way you underline your body imperfections. This is also true for baggy clothes which make you look fat regardless of whether you are or not. Your size is most appropriate for your body.

Number 4
Visible bra stripes  
Bra is underwear and that should remain that way.

Number 5

Underwear visible over clothes  

Thong, bikini, sling, boxers – it should remain hidden from the outside world. That’s why it’s underwear. Low-waistline pants = low waistline underwear.

Number 6
Too low waistline of all types of pants and skirts
Sometimes it’s so low that people think is there a waistline. All “beauties” are visible and this from sexy turns into vulgar and repelling for other people, let alone you don’t feel comfortable at all in them.

Number 7
Socks and sandals
Two words: “O, GOD!” Classic. That’s why they are sandals, because they are opened shoes and are worn barefoot. If you are cold just put on closed shoes with the so-wanted socks.

Number 8
Uncomfortable shoes  
If you cannot move freely on a 13-cm heels don’t do it, you’ll look stupid and people around you will laugh at you. Just choose lower heels which will be comfortable for you and you will look sexy but not stupid.

Number 9
Wrong for the age
You cannot be 15 but want to look 30 through your clothes and makeup. And vice versa. How unattractive it is to see a woman dressed in a corset in bright colors and low-waistline jeans with bedazzles on them. In order not to look ridiculous just wear clothes that will match you and your age.



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