Enhance your hands beauty by following manicure tips

Image: © Vitaly Maksimchuk / Fotolia

The hands are one of the most prominent parts of the body. With the growing age, the skin on the hands shrinks and wrinkles appear. According to surveys and researches people who use nail polish look younger if their hands are taken into account. Maintaining the beauty of your hands is very important to look and feel younger. Manicure is one of the methods to maintain the beauty of the hands. Let us discuss various ways used to enhance the beauty of hands.

– Before you start your manicure wash your hands with water and rub a few drops of oil to soften the skin and keep it hydrated. Hydrated skin always looks younger. No matter what your age is. Dry skin looks old and wrinkled.

– Hands beauty is maintained by using healthy ingredients like lemon and rose water. Rinse your hands using a soft brush or scrub to remove the dead skin. This manicure tip should be repeated two to three times a week.

– Honey is beneficial for all types of diseases and skin treatments. For hands beauty it plays an important role. After washing your hands apply honey mixed with lemon, or honey mixed with olive oil.  Then put cotton gloves on your hands. Wash them again if they feel sticky.

– Milk can also be used at home for hand treatment. Before starting the manicure dip your hands in warm milk. It will moisturize your skin give healthy nourishment from the nutrients present in the milk.

– As strange as it sounds helpful are also lemons and potatoes. These are applied on the skin to remove any stains.

– The good manicure along with the daily skin moisturizing treatments will keep your skin glowing and shiny. It will be healthy and never look old.

– You can use honey and salt to rinse your hands and remove the dead cells from the skin.


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