Essential and irreplaceable accessories in fashion

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When talking about fashion most often taken into account are the trends in the clothing. Rarely attention is paid to the accessories that should be present in any complete vision. The small additions enhance the beauty of the woman and the uniqueness of her outfit. There are several accessories that can be defined as mandatory in fashion.

The additions to the vision of the lady and the gentleman are different. While for men the accessories are watches, cuffs, a stylish wallet and a tie, for the ladies things are different.


First of all are the gloves for formal occasions. They can be with different length – to the elbows or the wrists. They are manufactured from fabrics like satin, lace or leather. In the past men kissed the women’s hands with the gloves still on. It was considered that touching the skin with lips is inappropriate. From healthy point of view this would have been introduced due to hygienic reasons. Nowadays the gloves are an interesting accent in the outfit.

The scarf is an accessory deeply appreciated in the winter. It could be manufactured from wool or fine fabric. The colors of this accessory are various. Around the women’s neckline the scarf underlines the deep neckline. In addition metal elements or glass beads could be sewn to the scarf as decorations.

The hat is an accessory that is selected according to the respective function – to protect the face from the sunlight or the cold weather. The models of this addition are various – periphery, visor or tassel. Usually the hat underlines the shape of the face.

Mandatory accessories for every lady are the jewels. Earrings and necklaces should be present in every outfit. Not allowed is kitschy appearance. The jewelry sets are selected for special occasions.

If you don’t have much time for a special haircut the next accessory should be irreplaceable. The tiara tames the wild hair and creates a feeling of a complete look.

One of the most loved ladies accessories is the bag. The variety in its shape and size is huge. From sports bags to elegant envelope-type bags, the accessory is mandatory in the outfit of every self-respecting lady. In recent years fashionable are bags with chains instead of straps and prints in animal patterns.

One of the most forgotten accessories is the brooch. It combines in it style and functionality. In the past the brooch was used to hold the cape to the body. Nowadays the brooch has preserved its aesthetic function. The models are various, some of them are appropriate and for around the neck.

The accessories underline specific body parts or the whole outfit. When they are properly selected they merge with the overall appearance. Their presence in our outfit is mandatory and irreplaceable!


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