Even the ancient Egyptians beautified their hands with manicure

Image: © Sergey Galushko / Fotolia

They say that the hands are our business card. Manicure is one of the most ancient cosmetic procedures. Archaeologists have found with astonishment that even the ancient Egyptians mastered the art of manicure.

Their nails have beautified mostly the members of the noble families. Not only women but also men maintained the good appearance of their fingers.


In ancient Egypt they produced the paints for nails from vegetable products and therefore they were in green nuances.


In China even existed a belief that the longer the nails of the Emperor, the longer he shall rule the country and the greater would be his wealth.


Chinese women preferred lacquers in gold and silver. In the era of the Min Dynasty have been fashionable red and black colors.


At the same time appeared and the artificial nails. At the end of their fingers they hoped gold and silver extenders. And, of course, they were incredibly long.


The first synthetic nail polish appeared in the U.S. in 1932.


Now, according to statistics, women in the U.S. spend annually a total of about $ 2 million to beautify the nails of their hands and feet. How much have been spending the ancient – there is no information.


The beautiful manicure is now an important and undeniable part of the appearance of any woman. As millennia ago, our hands can be a mirror of our social status or our profession.


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