Fashion tips for the summer

Image: © Alexandra Karamyshev / Fotolia

Every year we expect the sun eagerly, but with it comes the inevitable dilemma of what to wear at work. We want to feel comfortable, to be fresh and stylish and especially to look representative.


The British website Female First gives a couple of fashion tips on how to dress the women at work in the hot summer months.


Blouses: Avoid the shirts in the big heats, the light, free falling blouses and tank tops are much more convenient and allow the skin to breathe.


Pants: Again, avoid the too narrow models, the cotton is your friend here. The light loose pants are appropriate for some ladies, but the short ones will have to wear high heels in order to lengthen their legs. You may think that some loose pants are too casual for the workplace, but show some persistence, you will surely find an appropriate model.


Jackets: Black, navy blue and gray are the traditional colors, but you can add and summer shades in your working wardrobe through the jacket. This will refresh your overall appearance, even if the rest of your outfit is in black.


Divided skirt: These models are back and are ideal for the workplace during the warmer months. They are easy to wear and will reveal your sun tanning, of course, they should not be too short. Wear them with high heels if you are short, as this will help you to visually lengthen your legs.


Dresses: The summer dresses are perfect for work, in addition, dressed in such a way, you can go directly to the bar after a tiring day at work. In order to be suitable for the office, in their shortest version they should be slightly above the knee. The dresses with peplum continue to be modern and very suitable for all shapes and sizes.


Do not be afraid to experiment with the various patterns and colors.



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