Five tips to do your manicure within no time

Image: © Dmitrijs Gerciks / Fotolia

Beauty is not limited to only applying makeup and getting the glowing looks. Healthy facial treatments, manicure, pedicure and eating healthy food are all involved in making you more beautiful. Manicure adds more beauty to the hands in a natural way. Nails are an essential part of the whole appearance of the woman. Here are some good tips that you can follow to perform a fast manicure and get excellent results within few minutes.

1. The first tip is to use vinegar which removes any greasy material from your nails. Apply white vinegar on your hands and rub it slightly. The clear oil free nails are now ready to apply any further products for nails.

2. The second tip is to use nail polish remover to remove polish from the nails.  Use a thin brush to remove it. Dip a brush in the polish remover and apply to the sides of each nail gently to cover only the area on the outside of the nails. This enhances the looks of your nails by giving a clear outer cover.

3. The third tip is about the prolonging of the nail polish stay on your nails. Three coats of polish are generally used by the professional manicurists. They apply a base coat, then polish and then a top coat. After applying these coats you can wrap the tip of the nails with another slight covering of the polish.

4. The fourth tip that women could use is to make a French nail tip. Use a thin brush to make an elegant line on the tips of your nails. You can also add a little art by drawing a flower or some swirls on the top of the nails.

5. The last but not least tip is to use oil before you use nail polish removers on the skin. This will keep your skin free from any staining.


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