For strengthening and shine of the nails use essential oils

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Every woman strives to keep her fingernails healthy and beautiful. And to achieve that we often resort to expensive cosmetic products which are not always as effective as we expected them to be. On the other hand the massage of the nails with essential oils can easily be applied at home and aids the regeneration not only of the nails, but also for complete relaxation of the body.


Here are the best essential oils for nails, their properties and effect on the nails:


Lemon oil – one of the most popular and useful methods. It has antiseptic, antibacterial and whitening effect, accelerates the healing of the damaged nail plates and gives them a natural glow. Furthermore, the lemon may also be used in natural form.


Oil of ylang-ylang – gives shine, often used in the nail polish. It is sufficient to put just one drop of oil on the nail and polish it. It also strengthens the nails and prevents them from delamination and brittleness.


Oil of grapefruit – for the recovery of the natural color of the nail plate, bleaches and polishes.


Bergamot oil – has inflammatory action, exfoliates and strengthens the brittle nails and the skin around them.


Rosemary oil – whitens the nails, stimulates their growth, and has an antiseptic effect: heals wounds after cutting, relieves the inflammation and protects against germs.


Geranium oil – moisturizes the nail plate and prevents it from splitting. Apply immediately after clearing the nail polish with the polish remover.


Tea tree oil – has a bactericidal effect, with a wide spectrum of applications. Often used in the healing treatments for nails.


Eucalyptus oil – increases the transparency of the nail, retains moisture in the nail plate, disinfects and heals wounds.


Note: For best effect with the particular oil or combination of oils, massage your nails until you feel the blood flow to them.


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