Healthy nails with almond oil

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In her life every woman has at least one short period in which the nails of her hands become brittle and susceptible to external influences. This often happens with the change of seasons, when the body loses valuable minerals, under the influence of stress, poor nutrition or even pregnancy. However, nature has invented tricks with which we can preserve our beauty and one of them is almond.


The nails regularly need pampering and treatment to be with a shiny and firm surface. Otherwise, they will lose their density and will be vulnerable to the smallest influences. The good news is that this treatment can be done quite easily and in just a few minutes a day with almond oil.


Why almonds?

The almond oil is a very effective way of maintaining the nails that will help them to be nourished and hydrated all the time. Yes, the word is exactly hydrated. In order to have healthy nails, they must be in good balance. Only in this way they will retain their strength and will not break at any scratching or hit in a hard surface.


The almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant. Moreover, vitamin E may protect the cuticles of the nails from peeling, cracking and drying – all uncomfortable situations, which often deprive us of beautiful manicure. Moreover it stimulates the nail growth, as the new sections become smooth and much healthier than usual. Vitamin E helps to fight skin damages, premature aging and skin diseases.


How to choose the oil?

When we decide to use oils for beautification it is very important to choose qualitative ones. Otherwise, the effect may be the opposite of the expected. To say that an oil is qualitative, first it must be cold pressed. Oil, which is obtained by heating and chemical processing is deprived of many of its valuable properties.


It is also important the almond oil that we buy to have no flavor or if you can smell such, it should be very delicate. Many cosmetic brands add flavor to the oils in order to enhance the impression for their naturalness. However aromas are often allergens for people with sensitive skin and may cause discomfort, scaling, rash and redness. Never buy scented oils. The fragrances have another function – to conceal if the oil has begun to become rancid.



How is it used?

To apply almond oil on your nails is like child’s play. It is important to remember that to have an effect, your nails must be clean of nail polish and other products. You can take advantage of the oil straight from the bottle, by pouring a small amount into your palm. Apply on the entire hands as an oil and rub gently in the nails and cuticles to stimulate the absorption.


You can make and a bath with almond oil for heavily damaged nails. In a small bowl pour some oil and dip in it each nail for 2 minutes. Then leave to alone absorb the oil. The residue is either discarded or used for smearing of the hands (like massage oil).


The same operation you can repeat with a soaked in almond oil cotton swab. Rub each nail vigorously. Make sure the nail surface is completely covered and then leave for a few minutes to absorb the oil. Apply as often as needed. After 10-14 days you will notice a visible change in the structure of your nails. They will be smooth, shiny and will grow faster. Furthermore, their elasticity will also be improved and they will not split.


For a maintenance therapy is sufficient to turn to the almond oil 1-2 times a week. On clean nails apply a small amount and then rub it in with your thumb. Allow it to absorb and then you can skip to your routine care for beautiful nails.


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