Homemade body lotion – a stunning luxury recipe

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A home-made body lotion makes the skin unrecognizable


The incredible homemade body lotion helps both adults and babies.

The remedy is done in a home environment and helps a lot in eczema, nourishing the skin and preventing the appearance of stretch marks.


It is suitable for babies, as it is used to treat irritated baby skin. The area is quickly calmed and nourished.



Homemade body lotion – made with entirely natural ingredients


To make it you will need no more than 10 minutes.


Products: ½ tea cup of olive oil or almond oil. If you want, dip herbs in them.

You will need another ¼ tea cup of coconut oil and a ¼ tea cup of beeswax.


Preparation: The products are mixed in a glass jar (make sure it is not too small). It is washed very well and thoroughly dried. Take a small saucepan and fill it with several inches of water.


Heat to moderate fire. Your jar should be placed in the pot, but its lid must be removed. When the water gets hot, the ingredients in the jar will melt gradually.


For this reason, it must be shaken from time to time.


You may stir the mixture periodically. When all the ingredients melt completely, a homogeneous mixture is produced. It is poured into another suitable container, but with a smaller size.


It must have a tightly-fitting lid. In it is kept the prepared homemade body lotion.


Usage: Apply it as a regular body lotion. If you keep it well closed, it will have a much longer shelf life than any other products you have used so far.


No water should be added to the recipe. The best use could be within 6 months. Then we suggest that you prepare another if you are happy with what you have achieved, of course.


The homemade body lotion possesses moisturizing properties. It serves to nourish the skin and is good for pregnant women as it is able to prevent the appearance of stretch marks over time.


After childbirth, you can use it again, but this time on your child. The lotion is suitable for baby skin and especially for irritations.


Prepare it the way we described and add absolutely everything needed to enjoy it to the maximum.


Your body will thank you generously, as the lotion is made entirely of natural ingredients without any chemistry.


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