The hottest color combinations for the summer

Image:© bertys30 / Fotolia

The fascinating vivid colors make your life brighter and more cheerful. The different color combinations for the summer bring excitement and lift your mood. They express your style and highlight your appearance. Let’s consider some various hot summer colors.

1. Green color in its all combinations looks exciting. Its light tone makes you feel fresh and when combined with lighter colors it boosts up the stunning looks.

2. Active, fresh and glowing for the summer is the combination of green and yellow. This combination looks pretty cheerful when you wear it at parties.

3. Gray when combined with green color with its inner linings is a symbol of the peace and silence which represent the summer afternoons.

4. Emerald, the most common word you have heard while looking for jewelry items. But this is simply an amazing color for enhancing your feelings of joy and it is a symbol of sophistication. Many people love to choose this radiant color for clothes, jewelry and shoes.

5. Violet color in its light color tones looks captivating. Very nice color combinations can be made using this color. You can try violet with red. Violet combined with sky blue or turquoise looks thrilling. It captures the attention of people around you.

6. One of the hottest colors and most favorite of all the women is the “poppy” red. It shows your nature and brings out your beauty. Best color for all kinds of events and parties.

7. The lemon color in its dark shade looks glowing. You will look fresh and glow when you go outside. Its greenish shade is also perfect for the summer.

8. Natural colors like blue bring a feeling of clarity and calm. When combined with gray and green it boosts up charm and excitement.

Although all of these colors are very appropriate for the summer, you should choose colors that suit to your skin color and bring you a comfortable feeling when wearing them.



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