How effective home treatments prove to be

Image: © apops / Fotolia

Homemade skin treatments are always more effective than those artificial ones. Every woman wants to look beautiful. For example if you want to whiten your skin and you use several whitening creams for weeks. This will give you white shiny skin but, when you stop using the creams the same skin tone comes back. Then what is the solution? Women like to use manicure and pedicure creams and kits that are widely available in the markets. Although these kits and have many benefits, they are not as effective as the home treatments.

Suppose you are looking for moisturizing your hands before doing a manicure. Several moisturizing creams are available that are used for instant effects. But nothing is as efficient as the homemade sugar and lemon paste. Honey and lemon give instant smoothness for a long time. Once you start following homemade manicure tips you will not want to use the artificial products.

The second major factor that is considered is the hygiene. Artificial products which are used have certain chemicals. Many people have sensitive skin and they cannot use creams and scrubs with alcohol and other chemicals. Women buy such products with special care for sensitive to avoid any skin damage and rashes. On the other hand home ingredients are free from any side effects. Rose water, sugar, honey, olive oil, lime and all such ingredients are free from chemicals and are very healthy. You can use them in the form of different combinations and solutions to get the best required results.

The tools used in beauty salons are not always clean. Those who are paranoid of germs will never want to go to those salons which have such tools that affect negatively their skin. They simply stick to their homemade masks and hand treatments to maintain the glow and health of their skin. Nails are also protected and beautiful at home using simple tips for manicure.


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