How to apply everyday eye makeup

Image: © Yuri Arcurs / Fotolia

Doing makeup daily is somehow tricky for those who do not know how to properly apply it and what colors are suitable for the day light. Here are some tips that will help you to apply daily eye makeup with ease. You will be satisfied with your makeup and enjoy doing it.


Eye primer:

The first step is to put eye primer which is used to smooth the eye lids. Apply little primer over the eye lids and spread it with your finger. This makes the skin perfect for longer lasting of the eye shadows. Eye primers are cheap and easy to get from any makeup shop.

Eye shadow:

Now apply eye shadows on the eye lids. For daily makeup it is not recommended to choose too bright or dark colors. Choose simple and light themes for eye shadow that will give you a fresh look every morning. Try not to use too much eye shadow because in this way you will not look natural.

Eye crease line:

After shading your eyes, the next step is to make a crease line above the shadow to prominent your shade. This is done using a slightly darker shade from the one you have chosen for the base color.
Eye highlighter:

Next step is to use highlighters. They are usually powdered mats that highlight your basic eye shadows. These are applied on the bone above the eye lids and below the eyebrows.


Eye Liner:

The eye makeup looks incomplete without eye liner. It gives a charming looks to the eye and it looks more elegant. Without liner the eye makeup looks simple.


Eye mascara:

After completing all the steps mentioned above you need to apply mascara to make your eye lashes prominent and thick. Thick lashes add more beauty to the face and make your eyes more expressive.



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