How to choose an appropriate belt?

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Men have the opportunity to choose among much fewer accessories than women. So it is important the choice to be perfect.

The function of the belt is not only to keep the pants in their place. It gives a complete appearance of the outfit and speaks of your taste in fashion. So when you choose it keep in mind a few things.

The belt should be with the appropriate length. It depends on the figure and the width of the pants’ loops. If you are tall, a wider belt will be better.
The fabric of which the belt is made is of great importance. Most men’s belts are manufactured from leather. With them you will look elegant and chic. Designer belts are usually of high quality leather. They are beautiful and you can wear them for a long time. The only imperfection is the price. And still, if you buy a leather belt, the fabric should be with maximally high quality. Besides looking bad, belts of low quality leather are worn out very easily and soon you will have to buy a new one.
There is an easy way to recognize if the leather is good or not. Press and scratch slightly with your nail. If it is easily recoverable it is qualitative.

Is it necessary the belt to be leather? Of course not. You can choose a fabric one. It will look even better with the everyday pants and jeans. The belt’s size depends on the waist. According to specialists the length should be 5-6 cm bigger than the waist. You don’t know the length of your waist? Just size the belt. After you button it the end shouldn’t stick out between the first and second loop.
Many men don’t pay attention to the belt buckle they choose but it’s of great importance. See it as a jewel. The buckle expresses the temperament and taste you have. If you are not sure between two different ones choose which one is more appropriate for your size. Maybe you’re smaller with fragile structure. Then the big buckle will be the worst possible choice.
Buckles are made of different materials – alloys, stainless steel, copper, bronze, gold, silver, even plastic. Coordinate the type and material with whether the belt is for everyday use or formal occasions. What are the pants type it will be worn with? The clear design belt with plain buckle is an ideal solution for everyday and semi-formal outfits. Upon formal outfits you can wear belt with golden buckle but don’t overuse the shiny. It’s usually considered bad taste.
When you are wearing suit the belt and the shoes should be in one color. Over elegant men even prefer they to be made out of the same fabric. When you are dressed in a sports way – jeans for example, and you wear a fabric-made belt, you can combine it with the color of your shoes or the colors of your overall attire.

Regardless of whether in jeans, suit, combat pants – pay attention to the details. Because they are what distinguishes the elegant men.




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