How to choose the right shoes for the different occasions

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Women have a passion for buying shoes. They never feel bad about shopping. They shop and shop as long as they can afford it. Shopping for shoes for special occasions is somewhat tricky because you have to select them according to your outfit and the theme of the event.

You cannot stop a woman from buying another pair of shoes no matter how many she already has. They want to get good shoes because dressing up is not enough to cast an impression on the people present in any event. The other accessories also play a vital role. Women who wear high heels are appreciated at most. Let us see how to choose the right shoes for various occasions.


– For parties like engagements and weddings it is always recommended to wear high heels. Your elegant dressing style is incomplete without high heels. Try to match the color of the shoes with your dress. It is not necessary the shoes to be the same color, you can make a combination with your other accessories or a contrasting color as long as it looks good.

– For evening parties and semi-formal occasions it is your choice to choose the shoes you will be wearing. You can choose flat shoes or use simple small heels that add just a little height. Thick and wide heels are more comfortable. If the size of the heel is smaller the shoes will never make your feet tired and walking with them is easier.

– There is no need to choose stiletto heels which are very high with a thin designed heel. They look gorgeous but only if you can handle how to walk on them. Only a few women can walk or stand for a long time wearing such thin heels. Avoid using them, if you have a problem like this.

– For working women the office type elegant dress is preferred for the business parties. If there is some dinner or semi formal party then select your clothing accordingly. Use bold colors with chunky heels. Try some colors that add excitement to the dressing.

– Sneakers and flat shoes are also a wise option for some casual events. Choose striped or more colorful designs if you plan to wear flat shoes.



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