How to dress according to the occasion

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For a cocktail party

For such a party you have to look very tempting. And when I say tempting I mean elegantly tempting, not vulgar. You will understand that this is the exact dress for this occasion in the minute you put it on because you will feel like Audrey Hepburn or Madonna. Buy a strapless dress from stretch and satin for example. The dark red colors make your figure elegant and this color is always fashionable for parties. If your dress has a unique belt with a buckle you will look great.

Gathering with friends

You have decided to go out with friends on the weekend. It is a good idea. Appropriate to wear in this case (and best choice) is a colorful blouse made from a stretch material and a lace scarf which has buttons on it. You can combine it with jeans. You can be sure you will attract the attention of the others with your great choice.

Vacation on an island

You are one of those ladies who are lucky to spend their vacation on an island, you need something flirty to wear. After you have spent your day under the sun and you have enjoyed the beach you can have fun in the evening by putting on something sexy. Appropriate is a dress with fine stripes of satin with knee-length which to be your second skin – to underline each of your curves or a blouse that will cover your shoulders with ¾ pants and as a finish –  a pair of gorgeous high heels. Go for it!

 Gala celebration  

This type of party doesn’t happen often so you have to look unforgettable. I recommend you to choose a great long dress of lace and satin, for example. You will feel much more comfortable and loose in this dress, and you will look amazing! Purple is a very appropriate color for this case, do not forget it!

Office party

Do not do it! Do not think the office party is like any other holiday party. In this case you need a black elegant dress with knee-length, moderately cut neckline and boots to complete your overall appearance.


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