How to keep your shoes smell free

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We spend a lot of time in selecting clothes and other accessories while going outside for parties, dinners and other formal events. But sometimes we do not pay enough attention to our shoes. Their design and colors are selected but one thing that is more important is to keep them smell free. It is important to take care of your shoes and pay attention to maintain their looks and shine along with keeping them smell free. It is a really embarrassing moment when people cover their noses due to bad odor of shoe smell and you have become the reason for that. Following tips is beneficial to remove the bad odor from shoes and keep them away from the smell that annoys others.



  • Purchasing high quality shoes saves you the trouble of bad odor. High quality shoes are made in such a way that your sweat never lasts for long time inside them. They are breathable and absorb the sweat or either dissipates it. These types of shoes have ventilation preventions. This keeps away the bad smell from the shoes.


  • In many cases where the stinky smell is felt it is observed that it is due to the feet that cause this smell. Keeping your feet sweat free and fresh eliminates the risk of bad smell. Wash your feet daily before and after wearing closed shoes and also use some medical soaps to wash your feet. This removes the smell from your feet, hence from your shoes.


  • You can keep your shoes smell free if you use socks within the shoes. People who avoid wearing socks leave their shoes filled with foul smell that irritates others. Use socks that absorb the sweat and allow your feet and shoes to breathe.



  • Use more than one pair socks to avoid the chances of any bad smell. Change your socks daily and wash them properly. Changing the socks also prevents the growth of some bacteria inside the shoes and keeps them clean and smell free.


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