How to make a moon manicure

Image: © honcharr / Fotolia

A woman who really cares about herself and her femininity can not afford to be with peeled and in any case with dirty fingernails.

The well maintained manicure means in the first place respect to ourselves.

There is no need to grow long nails and paint them in all sorts of different colors in order to be said that you have “good manicure.” It is important your nails just to be nicely shaped without peeled nail polish on them.

But if you have time and desire to diversify the traditional nail polish, we will give you an interesting idea that is a hit in the past few years. We are talking about the “moon” manicure.

The idea in to it is to preserve that bright crescent, which we all have at the base of our nails.

There are various ways to make a moon manicure.

As a start, however shape your nails very well. They should not be square but with rounded ends. Then clean the nail plate, apply a base for nail polish (which protects the nails from yellowing and helps the nail polish to stay longer) and proceed to the polishing itself.

If you have an accurate and steady hand, you can try your best to scroll through the natural white crescent on your nails with the brush. You do not have to do it perfectly because after the polish dries out, with the help of a cotton swab or an old makeup brush dipped in nail polish remover you can clean the crescent and any other spots smudged with varnish.

Another easier option is to stick ordinary adhesive tape with rounded corners on your nails where the crescent will be, then polish on top, wait for the varnish to slightly tighten, remove the stickers and you have received beautiful arcs.

When the nail polish dries out, apply the mandatory top coat for extra shine and durability of the manicure.


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