How to protect your manicure with a few easy steps

Image: © sonyazhuravetc / Fotolia

Doing your manicure is not enough for removing any age spots or dryness from the skin of your hands and nails. Manicure protection is essentially important and it must be performed well. How to protect your manicure? Does it require a visit to the beauty salon? Here are a few questions that shall be swirling in your mind. To make your manicure long lasting and effective follow these advices to protect your manicure and the healthy look of your hands.

1. The chipping and peeling of the nail polish becomes a problem a few days after you have done your manicure. You can avoid this by applying another top coat on the polish after a few days. It is better to apply a coat once in a week on the polish.

2. Chipped nail polish looks ugly on the nails. It also creates a bad impression in front of other people. You should keep your nails in good shape and take immediate actions when the nail polish starts peeling off. Smooth the chipped edges with the help of a nail file and apply polish in these areas.

3. Manicure is badly damaged when you expose your hands to excess water, washing dishes and clothes. Women should use gloves while doing the housework. This will keep the skin on the hands dry and free from fungal infections that occur due to wet skin.

4. After taking a shower your nails and hands are soft. Never cut down or file your nails at that time. This affects negatively the structure of the nails and they start splitting and chipping.

5. When you are doing your manicure and your cuticles are dry then just apply olive oil. This is a very good home ingredient that keeps your cuticles moisturized and the manicure lasts for a longer time.

6. For protecting the manicure a good tip is “never bite your nails”. This is a bad habit which affects negatively your health.


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