How well do we know the shoes

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Today we will share with you some interesting facts about the shoes. Surely, you will hear some of them for the first time. You will learn how many of them are related to the history, the kings and queens, their life and habits. Here they are:


Do you know who was the first fashionable shoe manufactured for? It was very precisely made for the Queen of England – Victoria, in the distant 1840.


What do you know about Marie Antoinette? In addition to being Queen of France and Navarre, she was known in the high society in that she possessed more than 500 pairs of shoes. She was perceived as an excessively extravagant and vain woman. She was executed during the French Revolution, wearing high-heeled shoes.


Catherine de’ Medici got married in 1533 and from then are the first notes for the emergence of the high-heeled shoes. Today they are worn by women aged 12 to 60 years.


In China there has been once a really strange tradition during the wedding. The bride had to throw one of her shoes on the roof of the house in which the new family would live in. This was done for happiness in the family. In Hungary the groom must necessarily toast with the bride’s shoe filled with wine.


Interesting and amusing is the fact that in the 16th century the height of the heel reached up to 60 centimeters. How the noblemen wore them? Well, the servants helped them to put them on and walk. Hard work, isn’t it?


The shoes with a sharp tip symbolized the health. The aristocrats wore them and showed their strength and power in the 11-15 century.


There was a certain period of time, during which the heels necessarily had to be painted in red or blue. There was no other option. This happened around the 16th century.


During the wars – the First and Second World War, the demand for footwear did not decrease. The manufacturers found ways to meet the requirements and produce them from snakeskin and sawdust from lumber. Even then, the women wanted to wear high heels.



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