In search for the perfect bag

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Finding the appropriate bag often seems like an endless search. Exactly when you have found the perfect bag you find something it misses and the searching starts all over again.

Here are some steps how to organize and reach your goal. If you put a little time in determining the perfect bag before starting to look for it you will save time, energy and money.

Indicate your preferences to the bag’s style:


What color do you like? Which color best fits the clothes you go out with?

Before taking the decision to change the color plan how you will use it.


Smaller and compact or bigger?


You like bags on the shoulder or bags with a little handle or bags with no handle at all. Also, do you like the strap to be thick or thin?

Additional extras

Which are the additional items you like … special zipped pocket for the mobile phone, inner pocket, special details…

Things you put in the bag

What type are you? You want a bag for the wallet and keys or you are of the type “I carry everything with me”?

Those who carry everything with them prefer to carry more voluminous bags with thicker or round straps. The round strap doesn’t cut the shoulder or arm and is more comfortable to wear. Bags for over the shoulder are better for smaller or medium size bags. Heavy burdens which are worn continuously on the shoulder can have a negative effect on your bag. The strap’s length is also important. The longer the strap the more you feel the weight.



Will this bag good for you? There are two main functional points:

Appropriate bag

Whether the bag is appropriate for you and completes your appearance? Make sure the size of the bag is proportionate to your size… neither too small nor too big for your body structure.


How will you use this bag? Daily for work, for vacations or special events? These factors should affect your choice.



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