It is easy to have perfectly smooth hands with paraffin at home

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Here is a wonderful recipe to have perfectly smooth hands


To have perfectly smooth hands, you need to pay attention to the so-called paraffin procedure, which is also called paraffin therapy.

It is perfect for dehydration of the skin of the hands, because we constantly wet our hands when washing and cleaning, which often makes the skin of the hands dry and flaky.


The paraffin therapy is something unique for the skin of our hands.


The wax has extremely low thermal conductivity, it covers the skin, does not let air and gives a slight warmth by enhancing the blood circulation in your hands.


How to make such a paraffin therapy at home?


It is easy – first you need to buy paraffin from the pharmacy, which is melted in a water bath in a suitable container. When melting it should not boil, only to melt slightly. Every time the paraffin is melted, a wrist test is performed to establish the tolerance threshold.


To successfully make the paraffin therapy for smooth hands, the skin should be thoroughly washed and ideally dry.


You need to dip your hand for 2-3 seconds in the melted paraffin which is with a bearable temperature and remove your hand from it. So do a few dips until the hand is covered with a good even layer of paraffin. Repeat with the other hand. If the paraffin becomes harder – warm it up again.


Stay 30 minutes with hands covered with paraffin, which then easily breaks to be removed.


You will be pleasantly surprised when you remove the paraffin – your skin will be smooth, gentle, extremely soft and the nails will also be hydrated.


This paraffin hand therapy can be done every two weeks to have an effect. The same can be done if you have rough skin on your feet.



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