Long lasting manicure tips for beautiful hands

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Nothing is more irritating and annoying for women than the ruined manicure done just a few minutes before. Nail polish starts chipping off or spreading on the sides, your hands look dry and many other problems. You never want such a manicure that does not last for a long time. The beauty salons are providing the best solutions for long lasting manicures. Here are some helpful tips that will make your manicure last for a longer time even you do it at home.


The first thing that should be considered is to clean your nails before applying new nail polish. Women like to polish their nails with new and eye catching colors and they want long lasting results. But due to the leftovers of nail polish on the nails the new polish does not last for a long time and starts chipping. It is necessary to clean your nails properly before applying new polish cotes.


To make your polish last for a long time apply it on the whole nail plate properly. For doing this you should push back the cuticles and make them soft. In this way your nails will good and well maintained.


If you do not use a base coat when you apply nail polish it will start chipping faster and way more easily. The best way to make it last for a week is to apply a base coat and then thin coats of polish over it and wait for each coat to dry properly.


Prevent your polish from chipping by applying a coat of polish on the corners separately and then at the lower end of the nail to keep the polish firm. This is the best technique followed worldwide that prevents the manicure from chipping.


Never apply too many coats of nail polish. This will make the drying process harder and longer.


To make your polish last for weeks you can apply a thin coat over the existing polish after two to three days.


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