Make yourself a different manicure at home

Probably every time you realize that you have some free time left, you decide to take care of your manicure. However, it is true that not every one of us is capable of creating art on our nails, especially if we do not have the appropriate materials. This motivates us to find several models of impressive manicure with the means we have at hand in our households.


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Moon manicure

For this challenge you need two contrasting colors of nail polish and adhesive paper dots. Apply the one you chose for a base color and let it dry completely. Glue the dots at the base of the nail to form a crescent. Apply the second contrasting varnish. Wait for it to dry and peel off the dots.


Strip manicure

If you think that the French manicure is boring, diverse your style with this idea. For it you need a nail polish with a thin paintbrush. Choose two colors that match. Apply the lighter color and allow it to dry. Then make a strip that goes through the edges of the entire nail. If you have stained your skin, use a cotton swab, previously soaked in nail polish remover to correct the mistakes.


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Ombre manicure

It is easier to risk with this style on the nails rather than on your hair, so do not hesitate to try it. You can use two or three kinds of nail polish, which is better to be of one color family. For example, candy blue and candy pink.

Put a small amount of the colors on a piece of paper. Cut a sponge with dimensions slightly larger than your fingernail. Use it to transfer the colors from the paper on the nail. While the polish has not yet dried, apply a top coat to overflow the nuances.


Border manicure

If you want to wear more than one shade, make a border. We suggest you to do it with two colors. Apply the lighter color as a base. When it is completely dry, stick some scotch tape on your palm and then over one half of the nail. So the tape will not stick too hard and damage the already dried layer of varnish. Apply the other color over the free side of the nail.


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Polka dot manicure

Very easy and practical, especially when you are in a hurry with your manicure and at the same time you want it to be interesting.

Apply the base but remember that it must be dark and the dots contrasting and bright in order to stand out. To make the dots use toothpicks, but the back side, not the acute one.




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