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For several seasons in a row the smoky makeup is very topical. Most women often seek to recreate this effect. Many celebrities are also looking for this type of makeup for their secular appearances, these are stars like Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson. The smoky makeup gives a mysterious look.


If you are a woman–mystery, any professional makeup artist would say that this is your makeup. This is one of the most commonly used styles of makeup, which imparts mystery and depth of the look. The key to the perfect smoky effect is the right combination of shadows. You have to mix the colors perfectly. You can create smoky eyes in a different range of colors such as classic gray-black, green, blue, purple, brown. First you need to prepare your face for makeup and choose the right colors.


  • Emphasize the eye with a pencil or brush.
  • Then apply eyeliner on the eyelids, it can be in tune with one of your accessories.
  • After the eyeliner apply the dark color of the range and gently smudge it, then mark out with a dark contour the crease of the eye.
  • Now when you have already the basis for smoky eyes, you should mix the colors so that the upper corner of your eye to be in the shade.
  • Finally put the brightest part of the range of the color in the area under the eyebrows, it is also smudged with the rest of eye.
  • To finish apply several layers of mascara for dense and thick eyelashes.


If you follow these steps, eventually you will certainly have a great smoky makeup. Beware the overall makeup of the face not to become too strong. It is no longer fashionable.

It is important to look good with your makeup, but to achieve this you need to know some basic rules that when shopping can give you extra help.

These tips will help you as to make the best choice for makeup as well as to avoid unnecessary costs.


  1. Go to your favorite store where you buy cosmetics and consult with a specialist who can direct you to the right products for you in order to make the right choice. It is best to seek the advice of a professional makeup artist.
  2. Ask your makeup artist, which are the right colors for you, then buy the makeup that suits you best. So anything that you buy will suit you and will not be thrown away in a corner.
  3. The most important thing is to know what to put as a base and how to combine the lipstick with the shadows on the eyes.
  4. Always test the product before you buy it, ask for a tester in order to see how the product will affect your skin and whether it is in tune with it.
  5. There are so many cosmetic products available in most stores that for you remains only the choice. In most large stores for cosmetics you have the opportunity to consult a makeup artist.
  6. If your skin is sensitive, you can resort to hypoallergenic cosmetics and bio cosmetics, which the makeup artists also use.



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