Makeup and cosmetics in the summer heat

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Summer is the season of flirting, holidays, evening walks and entertainment. So no wonder that we want to look as best as possible. But our usual helpers, makeup and cosmetics, at that moment decide to sabotage us – all you put on your face for a few hours smears from the heat and the humid air. Additionally the strong sun dries and ages our skin and the sweating dehydrates it. It seems that we need to make changes in our cosmetic habits.



Deep cleansing

With the rising temperatures the sebum glands start to work at full speed. This means not only shining from fat face, but also more clogged pores.In order to not turn into inflammations, you should clean them regularly. Very suitable for the summer season are masks with clay, refreshing cucumber extract and tea tree oil.


Hydration and sun protection

In the summer we should replace the greasy nourishing cream with moisturizing fluids or even serums for the oiliest skins. But we should not give up the white cosmetics completely because the strong sun dries and ages the skin faster. So the summer cosmetics must not only moisturize intensively, but also to protect against UV rays.


Extra hydration during the day can provide us the thermal spray. Actually, it is not necessary to buy an expensive product from the pharmacy, just put mineral water in a bottle of with sprayer and refresh whenever you feel necessary. Moreover, the fine splatter of the spray will not only not smear our make-up, but even fix it and make it more durable.


The summer makeup

The most important rule in the heat is that the face should not have anything superfluous!


Base: with a light foundation or best its alternative – moisturizing tonal cream. On top of it is better to apply loose powder that would absorb any excess shine and protect our face from the urban grime.


Shadows: definitely powdered. The liquid and creamy shadows will surely smear and will settle in the eyelid. It is better to give up the eyeliner, as it contains wax, which softens from the hot temperatures.


Lip gloss instead of lipstick: preferably long lasting. It always gives a fresh and youthful appearance.


Mascara: choose an ink that does not crumble and apply it only on the upper eyelid.


And last but not least – to try not to touch our face with our hands. In the summer they sweat profusely and harvest all sorts of bacteria and dirt. Therefore with them we can easily transfer the infection or inflammation on our skin.


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