Makeup tips for dark women

Image: © MartiniDry / Fotolia

For every dark to light complexion makeup is here to enhance the natural beauty. Women having dark complexion can use several cosmetics and glowing tips to look elegant. No need to underestimate yourself if you have a dark complexion. Make up can cover any spots dark or light, pimples or acne and give you a beautiful look. Choose the best shades that suit at most with your complexion and you will feel fresh and younger. Here are some tips that add beauty to your skin tone without hiding your natural looks.


Tips for dark women to enhance their natural beauty:

– The best cosmetics are designed for women with dark complexion. Use foundation with a dark color texture that blends with your skin color. Choose colors that are compatible with darker skin tones. Avoid using light colors for foundation.

– There is no need to use concealers unless you need to hide some deformities. Use them only if it is required to cover dark circles, pimples and spots on the face. After applying concealer the natural look is maintained by using a powdered dust over it.

– Undertone is a word used for dark colored women. They also have three types of tones. Cool undertones, warm and neutral undertones. Before choosing eye shades and colors for your makeup it is better to learn which of these three types you are. After understanding your undertone decide the colors of shades that match it.

– You can use bold shades and colors that can make you more confident and stand out amongst other women. Use shades like gold and silver that prominent your features. Bright colors with dark complexion always look gorgeous.


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