Manicure for busy ladies

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It is hard to maintain beautiful nails when we have so many tasks

The daily life of the woman is filled with a bunch of tasks. The morning starts with a quick coffee, desperate attempts to bring her hair in decent form, she is almost always late for work, she takes the children to kindergarten or school.

At the workplace are already waiting a pile of urgent tasks that often “eat” the time for lunch. The afternoon passes imperceptibly, after that comes the running back home, having previously done the shopping, taking the children from kindergarten or school, cooking, doing the laundry, wiping the dust or washing the dishes and at the end of it all you feel totally exhausted .

Surely you had some time left to look at your hands and see that you need to fix your manicure, but there is no way to find even a free hour.

In this giddy pace live many women. However, they all want to look beautiful and well maintained, and the condition of the hands and nails is clearly an important part of the good looks.

The best option to maintain a beautiful manicure without much effort is once or twice a month to visit a manicurist. The gel polish is an appropriate option as there is no need to worry that it will peel off quickly and it stays on your nails much longer than the regular nail polish.

Another thing you can do is to keep your nails short. The long manicure is very difficult for maintenance, especially if you do household chores. There is nothing uglier than broken nails of varying length and peeled nail polish.

Keep an average length of the nail, file the tips regularly and as basic colors of the nail polish choose pastel tones. Polishes in pink, white and beige are beautiful and look very stylish. The bright colors, glamor and avant-garde drawings leave for special occasions. When you polish with saturated, dark or bright colors a peeled off nail would be much more visible.

Do not forget the skin of the hands. Regularly apply a moisturizing cream and do not let your skin dry out and crack. During the winter wear gloves in order to protect your hands from the cold wind.

The French manicure is as always very popular. This is due to its universality – it can be combined with any kind of clothing, it looks good on any length of the nails and is always beautiful and refined.



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