Manicure in wine red is always chic

Image: © chaoss / Fotolia

The tendencies in the manicure, for which everyone remembers, have turned into a classic of the chic.They have won a special place in the people’s minds. First place in this ranking is the manicure in wine red.

The red manicure is the top of all time mostly because of its beautiful and delicate shades. Its many variants are among the most impressive in the trend of shine.

Red color is not as strict as the black, but is much more mysterious. Moreover it is suitable for any style. It can safely be combined with almost all other colors.

It is suitable for both in everyday life and for special events. The red nail polish is not pretentious, but always makes an impression. And the best part is that all its nuances are offered by the cosmetic companies.

Another advantage of the wine color is that when the nails are polished in a universal shade, they do not require daily maintenance. It can be achieved easily at home.


Through the present season one of the leading trends in the manicure will be precisely in wine red. It quickly became a favorite of many women and will remain so for long. Insiders, however, recommend not giving up and on the cold colors because they will also be modern.

And in order to be completely up with fashion, note that this season is marked by the wine color. Besides the nails, it will rejoice us and from the clothes.

Fashion experts recommend every woman to find what shade of red suits her most, which matches to the color of the skin, hair and eyes.

This task is not easy and takes time. When you find your amploa it is best to stick to it.The wine color in the season autumn-winter will dominate and the rest of the outfit should not confront with it. Safest is the combination of red-gray and red-dark blue.

If you are worried by the intrusion of the wine color, but still want to stay true to fashion, then use it as an accessory.

Wine boots, scarf, gloves or a bag will be a good reminder that you stick to the established trend in the fashion.



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