Manual for beautiful and healthy nails

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We have prepared for our readers a wonderful guide for beautiful and healthy nails


To have beautiful and healthy nails is not just an obsession. Remember the nails issue the human health primarily and are not only aesthetics, cluttered with nail plastic.


For the health and appearance of your nails you have to take special care, otherwise it may lead to their weakening and destruction – cracks, nails covered with furrows and fungi.


  1. The quality of the nail is improved with a mixture of castor oil and olive oil ratio of 1 to 1, enriched with 2-3 drops of lemon juice. In this way you will nourish them and they will become smooth and shiny.
  2. For the nails a huge impact has food we eat. It should be balanced and provide the appropriate nutrients to the nails, necessary for their healthy development. The food should be rich in proteins, calcium, iron, zinc and silicon.


  1. The hands and feet need to be regularly hydrated. Choose the right moisturizing products and massage your fingers and toes in order the substances to reach to the nails and the skin around them.


  1. The regular exfoliating of the hands is a good way to keep the cuticles soft.


  1. The nail polish should not be used every day – from time to time you need to take a break, relax and let your nails be free without anything on them.


  1. What we should not do? The cuticles – be careful if it is necessary to cut them as infections can occur very easily in this area.


  1. Cut the nails shorter, for example, if you work every day on the computer.


  1. Avoid the artificial nails – your nails are damaged and destroyed.


  1. Use products with ceramides and proteins that strengthen the nail plate.


  1. Last but not least, in order to have beautiful and healthy nails, be careful with the nail polish. Some of them are outright dangerous, especially those of the cheapest.




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