Never follow fashion blindly, always choose comfort

Image:© fancy123 / Fotolia

Wearing good clothes, jewelry, shoes and following the latest fashion trends and styles does not always work. You do not necessarily look brilliant in these latest branded clothes. According to the opinion of most of the super models and successful designers a person should combine comfort, style and fashion. Here are some rules that you should follow in order to avoid following fashion blindly.

1. Always dress for yourself. Never think about impressing other people and do not mind their opinion. Dress for your own well-being and aim to look good for you. If someone is impressed by your style that is a good thing but it should not be the cause of wearing any clothes.

2. Never follow the fashion trends blindly. This will give you nothing except frustration and the feeling of being lost if you do not manage to combine such clothes and accessories which are in vogue. You will feel disappointed when wearing expensive clothes that do not suit you and you look weird in them.

3. Make sure you understand your body type clearly. Love yourself and your dressing style.

4. Always wear suits that fit to your body. Wearing too loose or too tight clothes that do not suit you are not recommended.

5. Always choose a small amount of accessories while following fashion. Less looks more decent then using too many accessories at a time. For example if you have to dress for a birthday party. Wearing a set of a small bracelet with earrings is completely enough instead of wearing heavy necklaces, bracelets and uncomfortable clothes.

6. Choose footwear in which you feel comfortable. Many women cannot walk with high heels but they want to wear them as they are in fashion. This way of following fashion is never acceptable. If you want to feel comfortable then wear heels as high as you like.

7. Some makeup fashion trends are also too extravagant. They can never be followed by everyone. Models can adopt such trends but the general public should not focus on that. Choose colors and simple tones that match with your outfit, the specific occasion and the shape and color of your eyes.




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