Old fashion vs. new fashion

Image:© GuWu / Fotolia

Old fashion trends repeat themselves after some years. Those trends that were followed in the 18th or 19th centuries are now again fashionable. The only difference in these fashion tendencies is their modernization. The techniques in production in the textile industry have been upgraded in the past years and the quality of the materials used has also improved. Various types of fashions can be compared with their past fashion styles. The shapes of the fabric and styles that were used before are now crafted into styles that look completely innovated although they are renovations of past fashion designs.

Older means of the textile industry took a large time in constructing fabric handmade. Later on with the development of new machines came and fabric which is prepared through them. The new trends were set and colors are now enhanced in the designs.

One common design that is observed is the long shirts that were followed by the loose trousers and the Shalwars. But, now long frocks are used along with tight trousers that look more elegant and exciting.


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In the past fashion was restricted to only a few people. As there was no media and other communication means, people were unaware of the latest fashion trends until they became prominent and more people were able to see them. The media and the latest magazines are the main reason for the promotion of fashion. Models and super models conduct fashion shows in which various styles and eye catching clothes are exhibited in front of the public. There is no restriction of viewers and every one can follow these fashion trends.

In the past people wanted to be fashionable when they go outside. They have never left their homes in casual clothes. Formal dressing was a common fashion. But, now wearing easy and comfortable clothing is preferred whether it looks causal or formal. Dresses are now more glamorized and have brands which were not observed in the past fashion styles.


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