Popular summer fashion women’s shoes

Image: © Maxim Malevich / Fotolia

The summer footwear is eye catching with colorful combinations and beautiful designs. The designs not only give looks due to their contrasting colors but their comfort is also marvelous. Women love to buy colorful fashion shoes. In the past years only simple neutral colors were most often used by the fashion industry.

This year brings a new summer collection which is filled with colors. Flat shoes with various designs look exciting. Generally mint and pastel colors are common this year. Stripes of various colors including light shades of pink, purple and blue make the shoes very attractive.

Aqua and sky blue colors are also observed in the shoes this summer. Women’s shoes with unique lining styles that only cover half of the upper part of the foot are very famous. They save the feet from the heat of the sun and are comfortable to walk with in the summer.

If you do not like pastel colors then there are other exciting colors that you would love to buy. The hot bright colors are in trend now. People like to buy accessories of hot colors. Yellow, green, orange and dark shades of purple are common among the women’s footwear. They look trendy and you can combine these multicolored shoes with various dresses.

Often, women like to choose those shoes that add style to their dresses. If you have one-colored clothes then try to purchase shoes that have multiple colors. Not only they are in fashion but they look gorgeous with all kinds of outfits.

A good selection of eye catching shoes with colorful large size beads are in fashion this season. The beads add elegance to the summer shoes. Summer shoes with covered toes are in fashion. Zippers on the back side of the shoes looks captivating. They add more comfort to the shoes. Women enjoy wearing shoes that give long lasting comfort in the hot summer evenings. Enjoy all the new fashion trends and look pretty and stylish.


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