Specially for mothers: 5 – minute makeover

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How to look stunning and stylish quickly and with minimal efforts

There were years when we had all the time we wanted to experiment with hairstyles, flawless makeup and perfect combination of outfits and accessories. Now, as mothers we have to use these precious minutes for changing diapers, preparing lunch for school and quarrels about how revealing could our daughter’s clothes could be. It is time for a makeover! With these advices and tricks for only 5 minutes we will turn from boring and casual into a stunning and stylish mother.

Goodbye to uniformity in the wardrobe

The first step towards the makeover is to clean the wardrobe from everything which screams that we are boring housewives and mothers. From now on we have to try not to buy anything that doesn’t fit us and doesn’t make us look stunning – from underwear to sportswear. To be irresistible, our wardrobe should be filled with clothes falling into the category “magnificent”.

No sweatshirts

Sweatshirts and sweatpants are for students and fitness maniacs. Instead of them we can buy a few comfortable vests. The cashmere and cotton are preferred fabrics, in the wardrobe of every woman, even busy mothers should have several models in neutral colors and several in bright ones. They allow us to experiment with layers, belts and accessories and are appropriate for every occasion.

To express ourselves

We can turn our casual wear of a mother (usually jeans and a t-shirt) by adding a different accessory every day to express our individuality. This could be a stylish scarf, pretty bag or stylish hat that permanently covers the hair which we should have washed 2 days ago. The best way to always have stylish and attractive accessories is to get new ones every season. And let’s not forget it doesn’t have to be expensive to be pretty!

An investment in a pair of great sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses in a universal color and appropriate shape for our face is of vital importance for a makeover mother. It will not only help us feel sexy but will cover the marks of the sleepless nights.

Gold glitter

Rings and bracelets. This eternally fashionable jewelry matches everything and makes us feel younger. Every garment will shine immediately with these accessories.

Exfoliation and moisturizing
Glowing skin is the key to a stunning look and so we should not skip washing our face with a soft exfoliating product and a moisturizing cream after it. To save time we can do the first in the shower. If we take this minimal care for our skin we will enjoy a fresh look without any heavy makeup for which we don’t have time anyway.

Three spare hairstyles

When we can’t wash our hair before we go out it’s good to have a few spare options for hairstyles which take only a minute in front of the mirror – a pony tail, hair stripe, an interesting side braid, they will all make us look great with no efforts.

Lip gloss and mascara

This is the emergency makeup for mothers so we always have to have them in our purse. Combined together they make us look fresh and energetic even if we are very tired. It is good to buy a corrector which to cover the dark circles under the eyes. The best thing is that this way we can put on our makeup quick enough while waiting at the traffic light.


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